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Over the course of several hundred years – most notably in the 17th and 18th centuries — winter temperatures in western Europe were much lower than normal.

Glaciers came much farther south than they had before, and a famous painting shows people ice skating on the Thames river — which hasn’t been frozen since.

To put it another way: Sir Terry Pratchett was an amazing talent. Different creative people come up with different ideas, and this will give the new work a different texture.

And even if it’s an improvement – even if you want to argue that Pratchett-Potter books are better than Rowling-Potter books, the new books will still feel ill-fitting and alien to people who fell in love with the originals.

No matter where you draw the line, it’s very clear that Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 3 are radically different games, and within the series we can see the change from “Classic Bio Ware” to “Nu Bio Ware”.

At the start we have lavishly detailed worldbuilding, very trope-ish arch characters, stiff animations, and gameplay with generally lousy game feel.

The development of the Mass Effect series overlapped with all of this chaos.For the last few years I’ve half-jokingly suggested that there is no upper limit on how much people are willing to discuss the Mass Effect games. This series is going to run for the next eleven months, and by the end it will be the length of a novel. Yes, I have discussed this series to death over the years.In Spoiler Warning our group covered all three games, in excruciating detail, over the course of 36 hours of running commentary.Today I want to look back and examine the series as a whole, now that we’ve seen it through to the end.The white-hot nerdrage has cooled, the reflexively defensive fans have moved on, and we have a couple of years of perspective between our expectations, the results, and where we are now.

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It’s a bit like the argument between fans of the different 3D Fallout games: Alice: Fallout 3 was stupid. Bob: But New Vegas was boring and ugly and Fallout 3 was way more fun!