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Wwii japanese sex camps

But the Zionist-manipulated US government had him arrested and deported back to Germany where the Zionist power structure in control of Germany, too, had him thrown into the slammer. And he isn’t the only one who had this sort of thing happen to him, either. Threatened with jail in his native Germany (just for saying the above — think about that), Rudolf fled to America for political asylum, married an American citizen and had a child over here.When the German concentration camps were opened by American troops in spring of 1945, inmates at a few of the camps (many non-Jews, as well) were sickly, some dead and dying from typhus, cholera and starvation brought on by all the insane allied bombing of Germany during the last few months of the war — just look at what the allies did to Dresden.

In the years following WWII, this led to imaginative (but ignorant) little city Jews coming up with absolutely crazy stuff like electrified floors, suffocation using air vacuum pumps, even Jews riding along on conveyor belts in little chairs and having steel bolts driven into their heads (the insane idea was stolen from non-Kosher slaughter houses).The Germans fully understood such diseases were spread by biting fleas and lice, so they fumigated everything with something called Zyklon B to kill insect carriers.All the camps had special rooms built to “delouse” the inmate’s clothing and suitcases before storage.In the 19th century and early 20th, Commie and Anarchist Jews were the original “domestic terrorists” of Russia, dedicated to overthrowing the Christian monarchy, destroying Gentile business owners (the evil “Capitalists”) and tearing the country apart so Jewry could take over.They finally succeeded after many years with the Bolshevik Red revolution of 1917, which was actually financed by extremely rich Wall Street banking Jews like Jacob Schiff and the Warburgs (Kuhn and Loeb banking house).

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They later tried to say it was from a captured Soviet submarine engine, which the evil Germans supposedly sailed up a freshwater river to the camp!

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