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These incidents are symptomatic of a culture based on a perversion of Islam — alien to the vast majority of decent, law-abiding Muslims — which has been allowed to take root like a cancer, not just in Birmingham but in many other parts of inner-city Britain as well.Another widely held view, shared by a head forced out of her school by the hardliners, is that the ruling Labour council was prepared to ‘sweep things under the carpet’ because the Trojan Horse plotters were all Labour supporters.“They had to move on and I don’t have £10 million for the theatre,” says the peer, whose father, the 4th Lord Cottesloe, was chairman of the South Bank Theatre Board.

“We’re buying a house and, hopefully, he’ll pop the question,” the model, 33, tells Glamour magazine. My mother has already told him she wants him to be the father of her grandchildren, but I’m allowing the relationship to take its course.” The Duke of Wellington was mourning the loss on Monday of his wife, Diana, less than three months before their 67th wedding anniversary.Rob Kelsall, NAHT senior regional officer, said: ‘That has left the door open and allowed the resurgence of some of the key operators to try and start to intimidate some of the headteachers who are not necessarily the ones who are going to be speaking out.’Some Muslim zealots in Sparkhill viewed Mrs Hewitt-Clarkson in much the same way.Leaving a dog (or ‘kutta’ as a dog is called in Urdu) on her doorstep was meant to insult and humiliate as well as intimidate her.It will have his bust in it.” Sir Richard Branson’s low note A Hallowe’en ball at Sir Richard Branson’s estate in New Jersey appears to have overdone the scariness.As Nathan Gunn performed a piece by Schubert, a guest fainted.

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