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Rate flirthookup com

In turn, there is permanent emphasis in the need to legally protect minors from illicit and age-inappropriate contents (Reid, 2005). Other line of research is related to minors’ scarce knowledge about the legal or illegal status of certain behaviours and their potential consequences like the illegal download of games, music or movies (Mc Cabe, 2000; Livingstone and Helsper, 2007; Livingstone and Haddon, 2008).This abundance of terminology demonstrates the difficulty to reach a consensus on its meaning and diagnosis (Carbonell ., 2007).Griffiths (2005) points the importance of six aspects that are key in all types of addiction and justify his study of the Internet: a) Relevance of the addictive activity; b) Alteration of moods; c) Tolerance; d) Abstinence symptoms; e) Interpersonal conflict or conflicts with other activities; and f) Relapse.

Currently, 91.2% of 10-15-year-olds frequently access the Internet, and this percentage increases as the age group gets older, reaching 96.5% among 15-year-olds (INE, 2012).Another issue addressed here, and possibly in most research studies, is addiction.In this case, the first striking thing is the profusion of related terms: problematic usage of the Internet (Shapira ., 2012), abusive use, compulsive use, pathological use (Davis, 2001), Internet dependence (Scherer, 1997) deficient use (Tokunaga y Rains, 2010) or, simply, Internet addiction or cyber addiction, among others. Minors’ immaturity is also understood as the incapacity to self-regulate the time they spend on the Internet in that way that it does not endangers their physical and mental health or disrupts their daily and social life. Contact with strangers and privacy on the Internet. Perception of personal risk, cyberbullying and harassment. Problematic Internet use/Perception of Internet dependence. The active risks category includes: the access to inappropriate contents like those containing information about drugs, pornography, and online gambling and casinos, as well as illegal behaviours like downloading pirated music or movies; contact requests sent to other minors, which often is also socially regarded as a risky behaviour; cyber-harassment, including sexual harassment; and lastly, sharing information or private images to other people who can use this material to endanger their physical and mental integrity.

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This perception is based on the common conceptualisation of adolescents as immature, emotionally unstable and irresponsible.

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