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Since it was always just us living together we were pretty open about everything and it wasn't a big deal to sometimes walk around in our underwear or to walk down the hall in the nude after taking a shower,...

Continue» The summer that I was 15, I stayed home alone.

Some texts can hurt sensibilities, but we feel the need to have them for various reasons we will not explain here and now.

In fact, 'on the edge' themes are much more popular than others, as you can see by the 'views' and 'rating' numbers, they are real and have never been edited.

I sometimes jerk till theres no sperm,thats how horny i am.

Usually i would read sex books or i would fantasise about women i know and wish to fuck.

We would go back and forth between our houses, usually trading baseball cards, or playing Nintendo. Ok, sometimes I get in a horny mood and I want to get just plain NASTY and SLUTTY and do filthy things and last night was one of those kinda times!

This wasn't truly my first cock, just my first cock from someone that I met on Craigslist. That little thing between your legs is too pathetic to be a cock. He climbed up into the cab and smiled thankfully at the driver. I was just about frozen out there." "No problem, son." The driver smiled at him. Was mich wunderte ist nur das mein Schwanz weiterhin steif blieb.

I had experimented with a friend in the past and I don't really even count it, but it did happen, so this was technically my 2nd cock :) I had been dressing and playing with toys for years. " "Daddy owns me." "When Daddy fucked you last night, his cum transformed you. "Name's Zeke," the driver said and extended his hand. His hand seemed to disappear inside of Zeke's grasp. Nun fickte er mich wieder tief in meine Fotze, da zog mir Herr Geilig die Gummimaske vom Kopf.

I don’t remember exactly how it happened, but pretty quickly we were showing each other our parents’ stashed porno mags - my parents’ were in my dad’s bottom drawer, and his parents’ were under his mom’s side of the bed in a shoebox. After messaging back and forth with about a dozen of you on my PM here at Hamsters, I got wet between the legs and I needed some FUN so I put on some sexy clothes, no panties or bra and went to a local bar to see what I could get into.

I'm in my 60's but haven't ever been lacking to find some cock when I want it and when I arrived, I sat at the bar, ordered a cold beer and starting talking to some of the boys sit...

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