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Movie listen to your heart online dating

This second half of the film feels almost like a documentary, and no wonder; there was a documentary about this same material ("Small Wonders," 1996), unseen by me, and you can guess how Guaspari must have seemed like a natural for someone like Streep to play.

The movie doesn't punch up the drama but simply shows good people trying to work together and get something done. Meryl Streep is known for her mastery of accents; she may be the most versatile speaker in the movies.

) The screenplay has the courage to go easy on the scenes involving movie romance.

The Quinn character is disqualified as a candidate, and although another guy (Jay O.

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Here you might think she has no accent, unless you've heard her real speaking voice; then you realize that Guaspari's speaking style is no less a particular achievement than Streep's other accents.

This is not Streep's voice, but someone else's--with a certain flat quality, as if later education and refinement came after a somewhat unsophisticated childhood.

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Meryl Streep stars as Guaspari, a mother of two whose husband leaves her.