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Sovereignty supporters believe that now is the time for aloha to be acknowledged and returned to the Native Hawaiian people and their descendents. 505) passed on October 24, 2007 and the Senate version is still being considered.The Akaka bill would provide an avenue for both the people of Hawai'i and the U. Congress to correct the historical injustices they have suffered collectively as a people, and enable them to exercise self-determination through self-governance, in order to heal as a people. There are more than 130,000 Samoans living in the U.In light of the ruling, Hawai'i's two Senators, Daniel Akaka and Daniel Inouye introduced the "Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act" (aka the "Akaka Bill") before Congress in 2000.The bill would formally extend the federal policy of self-determination to Native Hawaiians and put them on the same legal status as Native American Indians."Hawaiian" remained the only Pacific Islander group listed in Census questionnaires separately until 1980, when "Guamanian" and "Samoan" were added.That year, the Census counted about 260,000 Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders (NHPI).Like the Native Hawaiians, they are considered Polynesians, and are theorized to have migrated from the west (the East Indies, the Malay peninsula or the Philippines) as far back ago as 1,000 B. The former is only 76 square miles, has a population of around 67,000, and sends a delegate to the U. The economy of American Samoa remains undeveloped; nearly one-third of workers are employed in the fishing or canning industry. In recent years, one of American Samoa's main exports has been football players.There are more than 200 playing Division I college football, and 28 in the NFL, reported ESPN in 2002.

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In response to calls by Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander activists, the Census Bureau split NHPIs off from Asians to become a sixth basic racial category, along with the existing white, black, American Indian, Asian, and Some Other Race (Latinos/Hispanics are treated as an ethnic, rather than racial, group).

The 2000 Census further allowed respondents to pick more than one racial identity and as a result, divining what the exact NHPI population is became more difficult, especially since a huge proportion-more than half of all NHPIs-are of multiracial ancestry. territories of Guam, American Samoa, Northern Mariana Islands, and the U. Virgin Islands are completely excluded by the Census. Through diseases introduced into the islands by colonization, by 1900 the pure Native Hawaiian population declined to 29,800 with another 7,800 Hawaiians of mixed ancestry.

Examining the 2000 Census report on the NHPI population, we see an increase of 9.3%, from roughly 365,000 people in 1990 to 399,000 in 2000, using the NHPI-alone numbers. Seventy-three percent of NHPIs lived the thirteen-state Western region and in fact, 58% lived in just two states: Hawai'i (282,667) and California (221,458). According to the 2000 Census, Native Hawaiians and part-Native Hawaiians number 239,655 and comprise about 20% of Hawai'i's population.

When including multiethnic and multiracial NHPIs, the increase jumps to 140%, to 874,000 total in 2000. The Native Hawaiian population was estimated between 400,000 and 800,000 in 1778, the year that Briton Captain James Cook arrived in Hawai'i. Another 161,500 persons with Hawaiian ancestry live in the continental U. In Hawai'i, Native Hawaiians earn lower incomes, hold lower-status jobs, and have the highest unemployment rate of all the ethnic groups in the islands.

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