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Fak yuo qeirl

84 with 6% benzoic acid, 0.5% salicylic acid, 67.5% water. It is about equal in emulsifying power to Protegin X and also gives water- in-oil emulsions. Absorption base Creams should not be poured into jars white still warm.

(Oxycholesterin Absorption Bases) -ISO-LAN- For Liquid Emulsions Iso-Lan is similar to the types of absorption bases which contain a noticeable amount of free lanolin. Water-soluble substances should be dissolved in the water to be used.

Punerton Ave., Chicago, 14, Hl ce * 30c CHickering 4-3314 SEYMOUR'S CAMERAS - PROJECTORS - MOVIES "EVERYTHING PHOTOGRAPHIC" EARL F. To prevent Separation in such creams use 2% Tegin in place of a Üke amount of stearic acid. 263 with 25% Oil, 2% stearic acid, 1% triethanola- mine, 47.9% water.

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, Tegin prevents sweating and im- proves the slip of lipsticks, mascaras and rouges. ^ — FORMULAE — In completing the suggested formulae, consult the Basic Formulae following this list.

In appearance and consistency, Protegin X resembles a firm, iaintly yellow, odorless petrolatum; it melts at about 40 °C. 364 Protegin X 22 % Iso-Lan Mineral Oil _ _ 6 Lanolin 3 Glycerin 5 Beeswax Ceresine Borax Water 64 Cost per Ib 14^4^ Cream or Lotion C. Keep the temperature as low as pos- sible and when at 40'-45°C. i e "be V r a u Ke r t ha , i c 'i h e n il t z e 6 ± n ^ e 1 e • e n h e •.. , ix Ionen und "• e n e Ihnen In 11" a '^ h n t e ] i e n ^1 e n in ver- ein z i e ra 1 i e i .p* e n e r. h e ■^ i t; ^ -l'^ t 1 n e r rrv n Ir; in r-^ e a u o ' t: m n, r» r n r h u n r ho k a. Z ii erst ra a c h e n e i n (^ ^j r u n d c r e m e , d i 3 n u s 3 Ansätzen b -^ ^^ t e li t A n F" a.

Its principal use is as an emulsifier for water-in-oil Creams. Vanishing Creams: Use 2% Iso-Lan to retard drying out of any stearate cream. — PROCEDURE — Melt the absorption base on a water bath, together with the fats, oils, waxes and oil-soluble additions. e h 1 V/ a s s e r Die G r u n d c r e m e ist 1 - als II e u creme und für Hände sehr (T ^-^"t verwendbar CUSTOMER'S ORDER NO.

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c le ^y, / Wisconsin 7-1221 Wrapping Paper - Tissue Paper - Gummed Tape - Twine Corrugated Boxes Cellophane - Glassine - Paper Bags - Envelopes - Wrappers Pattern Paper Wax Paper Waterp; oof Paper Antitarnish Paper Corrugated Rolls, Sheets Folding Boxes Paper Board Transparent Films Paper Cutters Tape Machines Drinking Cups, Towels Toilet Paper l »l"llli«ii lilii Titi Ab«ii Bflai«Btspr«|0 -l^te Hausfrau ^- 1617 W. Stearic acid creams almost invari- ably .«separate water after freezing. 263 with 3% methenamine, 0.5% Tegosept M, 72.4% water or just 2% Tegosept M.