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Chatrondom japon

[more...] We now offer entertaining, exciting training videos with a well-known partner from the cross-cultural training scene.

For us, cross-cultural trainings are not just ordinary seminars on the theme of "soft skills".

Moreover, to sustainably optimize the cross-cultural competence of your employees, we use a lot of interactive methods in our trainings and preparation measures for international assignments.

The cross-cultural trainers from Eidam & Partner most certainly don't hold eight-hour lectures for you; rather, they win your participants hearts and minds with an authentic cross-cultural training including practical exercises, current case studies, simulations and role-plays.

Si dos equipos tienen la misma cantidad de medallas de oro, plata y bronce, se listan en la misma posición y se ordenan alfabéticamente.

Fiyi, Kosovo y Jordania lograron obtener su primera medalla en esta edición de los Juegos Olímpicos.

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With Eidam & Partner, we implemented the cross-cultural trainings ‘Japan Day’, ‘India Day’ and ‘Eastern Europe Day’, which continue to help the employees in our company work effectively with their colleagues in the target countries.” One world, one company, one network: Founded in 1930 and headquartered in Kempten, DACHSER ranks among the world’s leading logistics service providers.