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There were good parts where It was really interesting but the build up to those parts almost made me fall asleep. if you don't mind waiting for the good parts to come i would recommend this.I'd say there's about 40min of build up and even then they didn't explain what was coming next. but if you're looking for a fast passed movie, this isn't it.See full summary » It was a neighborhood just like any other...until one desperate men on the edge move in..nothing will ever be the same!A halfway house for men just out of prison opens in ...[on performing with Eugene Levy in 'Package Deal'] He was much more reserved than I thought he would be.I didn't really say a whole lot to him the first half-day we worked together because inside I was like, 'Holy crap! ' But by the end of the week I felt like I'd been given a free education. He could do more with a look than most could ever do ...

Lots of action implemented into a good story line with a very unexpected ending.

GET DAT MONEY Performed by Suthun Boy Courtesy of Iconz Artists & Music Written by Lloyd Geneve (BMI) / Michael Garcon (BMI) / Jude Lubin (BMI) / Anson Watts (BMI) Published by Undaworld Publishing (BMI)/LEC Publishing (BMI) Produced by Gorilla Tek for Drum Majorz See more » Filmed on location in beautiful Miami, Florida.

There a lot of instances where family members choose the path of good or evil. Drugs and violence shape and alter lives whether family is involved or not.

As Officer Marcus Dorsey pursues the biggest drug lord in his city, he confronts an unlikely adversary, his brother Nate.

Marcus is then faced with having to choose between his blood and his duty to protect and serve.

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She treats her job with a certain distance, often daydreaming as she watches the life of the rich as they shop at the store.